Update 5/5/17 - Promo Vid and etc.

I uploaded a new version again since I saw few typos in the story when I replayed it. I'm not sure if there's still typos in the game but at least it's less than before.

And also, I made a really short promo video for AGA.
The hair for Ai in the promo vid was altered a bit since I used chroma for editing everything else. The colors changed when I imported it in Premier due to the effects of keying. I wanted to fix the colors but my laptop won't cooperate with me that time. It's okay now but I didn't change it anymore. At least I manage to finish it yesterday.

It's nothing much but at teehee I made one for AGA hihi~


After Guardian Angel KN [PC] 61 MB
May 04, 2017
After Guardian Angel KN [APK] 61 MB
May 04, 2017

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