A downloadable rewound for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

ReWound 101


You play as Shaizee, a high school junior, who's main hobby is to study.

She was satisfied with her everyday self until one day she woke up learning that she might think otherwise.

Recommended sequence: N ▻ L ▻ R

Forum reviews: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=...

❤ Gameplay ❤

❤ Dictionary ❤

⭐ Genre: Rom-Com, Slice of Life(?)
⭐ Platforms: All-PC, Android
⭐ Language: Filipino (Working with the English version)
⭐ How long: Probably at least 2-3 hours

🌸 The game has 3 routes.
🌸 8 CG's
🌸 There are secret scenarios after completing the good end.
🌸 After getting two best endings, you will unlock the third route.


  • Fixed error on Lanier's Route
  • Fixed error on Common Route
  • Fixing more errors on Common Route and Extra
  • Fixing flags and choices in the Common Route
  • Checking the consistency of the story
  • Adding story dialogues and in-game choices for Nash
  • Proofreading grammar
  • Fixing typos
  • Fixing Typos
  • Fixing Menus
  • English version encoding

FOR THE NEW VERSION: (not yet out)

  • I have removed the name option. (I'm sorry)
  • I added a music room and a cg gallery ( I was trying out codes and decided to use that here).
  • Adding a dictionary for those who might get confused with the words used in game.
  • Adding few scenarios with Liz and Croix.
  • Added an opening video (Again, I was practicing my video editing skills ;w;)
  • Adding a little bit on Rayden, Nash and Lanier's route.
  • Added something new in the in-game menus.
  • Made new graphics on the options menu, load/save menu, etc.
  • I also lowered the point requirement.


The game contains 7,024 dialogue blocks, containing 45,810 words and 256,744 characters, for an average of 6.5 words and 37 characters per block.

The game contains 57 menus, 243 images, and 21 screens.

1. If you found bugs and other errors, please do report it to me immediately.
2. Also, if you have reviews of the game, feel free to inform me OvO);

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

🌺 Story and Concept by: zhaie.yuemn 🌺

🍙 Sprites - Elzee - Miki Takamoto
🍙 Silhouette - sozai
🍙 Background - Uncle Mugen - BCS - radius-rave - sei.chan - Chocolate Berry
🍙 Music - neosounds - Kevin Mcleod
🍙 Sound Effects - freesounds.org
🍙 CG - Rinmaru

[Please do message me if I made a mistake on the credits. Thankies much!]

More information

Published91 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date91 days ago
TagsFemale Protagonist, filipino, indie, Otome, otome-game, renpy, Romance, tagalog, Visual Novel
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average durationA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Tagalog
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone

Install instructions

If you download fails, refresh and restart your browser. It should work afterwards!


Download the APK and directly install it to your mobile phone.

For more concerns;
Please mail me at zish.pinc@gmail.com.

Thank you very much and happy gaming!


ReWound 101 [PC] -NEW!- UPDATED! - (224 MB)
ReWound 101 [APK] - NEW! - UPDATED! - (225 MB)
ReWound 101 Walkthrough.txt (2 kB)


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Hello! So, I haven't played your game yet but I'm interested. I'm downloading it right now actually. Anyway, I was wondering, were you perhaps the one who was asking for some advice form Uncle Mugen on Lemasoft forums like way back ago(I can't remember when though). I was strolling in Uncle Mugen's Free BG's and I read someone asking if she would make a Filipino VN. Just sharing. Anyway, I'll leave a review as soon as I finished playing it. Thank you for the hard work. :)

Hello! ☆

Thanks for downloading the game!

My username in lemmesoft is zhaie. That's the only account I'm using in the forums. In other forums, I use zhaiechan or zhaieyuemn, just the same.

I do comment in Uncle Mugen's post but I think I was not that person asking for a Filipino VN. Sorry ^^;;

Oh, my bad. lol

Well anyway, thank you for the hard work. I support you! You are a living testament of my dreams (VN/Otome Games released set on Philippines). Still haven't played your game because of the up coming exams. Yikes!

Ish okay! OvO)d

And thank you! Good luck with you exams hehe :'D


I REALLY LOVED THE GAME! It's the feel-good kinda plot. The story and events were well-executed and the characters were lovable! Although, amongst all of them, the one I prolly like best is... hmm, actually either Nash or Rayden. Nash is like the ideal kind of boyfriend -- he's sweet, spunky, caring, and, as protagonist said, it's no wonder why a loot of girls liked him. However, his plot was too short so the moe-ness wasn't developed as much as the rest... and I guess is also the reason why Rayden has the edge compared to Nash, considering he's like "the main guy." Though, yeah, main or not -- it's true you can't help but really dote on Rayden. He's just too cute!

Overall, I really liked the game! It reminds me so much of that Josei manga I read a long time ago, about a 'previously boring' female protag losing her memories after falling down from a chair, only to wake up to some big changes in her life -- that it turns out, these past few months, she started investing on fashion, and beauty products, also even living in with her "boyfriend" which was one of her officemates. They have similar plots, but I guess that one has more drama in it. But it's also super cute though!

Anyway, good job with this one! I really enjoyed it, considering it's my first time playing a Fil. version otoge. There were some grammar errors but I was too lazy to note them down (sorrry). Again, thanks for sharing this game to us!

Hello! Thanks for completing the game! :'D

And yeah, I was told that it was kinda like Love Rerun! :"> I read it as soon as I knew it. Is that manga dropped? ;w;

Oh it's okay. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible! Again, thank you for playing the game and giving a review! I appreciated it a lot hehe

(Edited 1 time)

Nope. It's actually complete already. And the ending was just right too~! Actually, more than 'just right,' I find it perfect. XDD It's cute. You should read it! :>

[EDIT] Joookeee.. I reread your reply again and noted you actually read it already. lol But, really, afaik, it should be complete. Idk with online manga ver though...? Maybe the translators just stopped translating...? Not sure.

Oh I think I should look for a different site to read.
It has 6 chapters in the site I usually read manga and is ongoing ;w;

But anyway, thanks for informing me! :'D


AMAZING. A filipino visual novel?! qwq Why didn't I know about this?! I am going to love this game. I am downloading it right now. Also, I can offer help with the translation if you want! I am filipino and I want to help you finish the English version! It's okay if you won't accept it, maybe someone already offered you, but I'd like to let you know. I'm really excited for this one. ^_^

PS. This caused me to create an account in itchio. XD

Hi! Yes, Karen! All of my games are set in the Philippines! x'D
It's prolly because I have only shared this with my friends, and also, posted it in lemmesoft forums. I didn't really made an effort to made it known x'D
And thanks for the offer! I will take note of that!
Thank you very much! I hope you have a good time playing :">

PS. Your DP is my OTP x'D



;U; I finally get to learn Tagalog, from an otome game. IN YOUR FACE MOM! I CAN LEARN FROM GAMES!

I'm happy you learned something from my game x'D

Your mom will be so surprised haha!

Thanks for playing :')


:'D This is my first comment... And wow, holy toot. I never really found good otome games,(well, the good ones are here in itch.io....some.) and I happen to find one. THE FACT THAT IT'S FROM MY COUNTRY ASTONISHES ME. Omgomgomgomg. Thank you for making this. :'3

You're welcome! And I'm really thankful to you for playing my game! More power to Filipino game-makers! ^O^)/

I got excited after seeing this was a Filipino Visual Novel.I rarely post a comment, but seeing this made me. Lol. It's really rare to see games using the Filipino language.

From seeing the guys, I feel like I'll love Rayden. Wahahaha! (I might had played the game now if my net isn't nearing its limit.)

Anyway, good luck with your future games. :D

Thank you!

I planned to make my games into Filipino then English. :'D

Good Day ☆

I just finished playing the game and notice some bugs in the game like when you open the dictionary from the very main menu and return, it starts the game automatically from the start instead of going back to the main menu. And in the dictionary, once you've clicked a word, after reading its description, they go to a different word's description automatically. I also notice some typos but not some major typo. Lol. Somehow, Rayden's name was used instead of Lanier sometimes. Ah, did I explained it right? Just like, Rayden's secret scenario but it was really Lanier. Just like that. I don't know if you noticed it or someone had told you about it or it was fixed already and I'm not aware, so I'm sorry for bring it. TT^TT

Despite all of those, I enjoyed the game. I really did enjoy Rayden's route. XD Gosh! I really feel like I'm reading a story from Wattpad. Wahahaha! Thanks to this game, I'm inspire to use the Taglish ('Cause you rarely see people use pure Tagalog.) language as an optional for one of my game. And again, good luck! :D

Oh someone already told me about this. I'm really sorry about this I'll go fix that right away x'D

And for some reason since both of them have R and N in their names, I had them mixed up and I didn't noticed it. I'll go look on to that as well.

Welp. Since I'm using Filipino as my medium it would feel like it's some wattpad story. I just thought that perhaps since there are Japanese Otome Games and they use Nihongo as their main language to their games, why not use ours in what I'm making.

And thank you. I will fix those right away. ;w;)/

please tell me if the english full version is finished....i love to play it.thanks!

Yep! I'm sorry I wasn't able to update! I was sick! But I'll be releasing the English Version around this month (hopefully, since I just gone surgery).

I'll do my best! Thank you so much!


Can I please ask for the download link? It doesnt work when I click it. Thanks! :3

Hello, yohanlove!
I am going to post the new download link very soon. I'm so sorry since I am currently fixing it.
I'll probably upping it tomorrow or later. :)


You can download now.


I haven't completed the game yet, but I'm quite tempted to remark upon this magnificent game that has granted me the opportunity to rediscover VNs of my own, native language. Whilst I have lived in the Philippines for six years, I have only gained an elementary knowledge of the language. However, I could understand this nicely, but it takes time for me to read, analyze, and piece the messages together. Maybe I'll just have to wait for the day that a translation of this comes (even if it might take rather long).

It's a nice game so far, and piqued my interest. I might even learn a thing or two of my hidden native language in the process, while enjoying the artwork and everything else there is to this wonderful experience.

Hello! Thanks for your feedback.

I am currently working on the English version. I am trying to complete it in this month. I'm doing my best to add a little dictionary for those who might be confused in the terms I used in this game. You see, even my friends, who lived in the Philippines are not good in Tagalog or Filipino so I think I also have to work on that as well.

Again, thank you very much and I'll do my best in the translation :)

I'm Proud.

Thanks for adding more Filipino-made VN's to the world, Ren'Py was after all made with us XD. Nice game I love it so much! Salamat sa biyaya mong ito !

Thank you very much for playing! I'm happy you liked it ;">

I was planning on writing a new Filipino VN soon, after I'm polished with this one. Thanks!! :">

Really? i'm excited! after this game i can't wait for your next one ^^. Best wishes!

Thank you very much! I'll do m best :'D