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Still working on this game? Its been awhile

Is this still in development? 

Hey, so. It's been two years since you've updated... Are you still working on it? And if so, when do you expect it to be released?

Hey, when will the game be released? It looks really nice btw :))

It looks good! When will it be released?

can this game released on android?

Can we change the protagonist name?? BTW, It's look really good


This looks cool.

Aw thanks!!

when do you plan on releasing it? I read the original and can't wait to read this one!

Where can I download this?

Still unavailable :)


I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS. I hate to be that person, but is there any approximate date or is it still a wip? But did I tell you how EXCITED I AM FOR THIS?

Hi! I'm so sorry for my late response. The reason for the delay because we got some issues with the computer I am currently working with.

But be rest assured we are not dropping this project. Thanks!

Hello, is the game finished? If so could you tell me the completed link?

Sorry for my late advert.

No the game is not yet released. Sorry about thatttt

will it be available for windows??


will it be available for windows??

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Oh god, why haven't I seen this before???

Do you remember me? Err, you probably don't, but... wow! This is a dream come true.  I'm waiting eagerly and a little impatiently, but waiting nevertheless. Don't die on me — unless of course you have some more pressing issues or want to improve the game, then take your time! ;;

curls into a ball, waiting for the release

(also, if you find a strange friend request on Discord, that's probably me? Ahaha...)


Thanks for your comment. I'm doing my best to finish this despite my busy schedule. I'll try my best to release it by early next year hopefully :)

This looks amazing! Can't wait to play it, so awesome >////<

Thank you very much and I'll do my best ^^

Damn, that new art looks good! I never got a chance to play the original, namely 'cause since I happened to have been using the same assets for my otome--I felt it would be a bit distracting xD

I must say, I am excited to give this one a try though!

That is the reason why I was kinda unsatisfied with the first one x'D
But I'll do my best thank you!

LOL really? xD

Anyhow, this looks great and I am excited!

wow im looking forward to this !! <3

Thank you very much!