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Is there a set release date yet? Great job though! ^^

Only 1 concern. When the Character introduction cards come up, they advance a little too quickly. I ended up not being able to read some parts of the cards (depending on the ammount of info). I don't think that this is any kind of big problem though, I really love the game. Hope you are doing well :3

I'm sorry for the delayed response. I was really busy with some stuff in the actual world. I'll try my best to release the game as soon as possible :)

Oh I'll adjust that in the newer version if I have the time to fix the game! Thanks for trying the demo :)

Thanks for taking my reccomendation into consideration^^.

Take your time releasing the game, the most important thing is that you are well (because real world stuff can both suck and be awesome).

Hope you are doing well :3

Sure! Hope you're doing well as well :'D


aabangan ko to^^

Thank you!! :'D

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Cool artwork. When can we expect the full release? ^^

Hello, yohanlove. This game is expected to be released on February 14 :)
Thank you very much and keep in touch! ^^

waiting huehue :3

I'll do my best OvO)d