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I feel like had met Pacer character design somewhere... and the dictionary is very helpful!

A most awaited vn after all x3

Hello! Thanks for playing!

I had this project standby for now since I had everyone redrawn ^^

Pacer and Keir are Tokudaya sprites that's why they look familiar ^^

Oh, I remember now! I met him in Rei, so that's why he feels familiar, he is Tokudayas's design xD

The plot of the story so far is still blur (will put heroine come out clear with her power and stop the bullying? What's the real connection between the news, the plant smuggling, and of course the 4 handsome boys?? Is this part of the big plot puzzle and influence to the boys routes???). Btw, I got Pacer's route although I am hopeless romantic for Keir xD (fate is so cruel sometimes...)

Well, the redrawn part must be difficult... take your time and present us with your wonderful release (>o<)9

Oh he's actually a paid version sprite of Tokudaya. I don't think he's in Rei 😅

That is the intrigue of the story which is something I don't want to show in the demo yet.

Aww you can just replay so you can get his end.

Thank you! I'll do my best!

And thank you for playing!

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Is there a set release date yet? Great job though! ^^

Only 1 concern. When the Character introduction cards come up, they advance a little too quickly. I ended up not being able to read some parts of the cards (depending on the ammount of info). I don't think that this is any kind of big problem though, I really love the game. Hope you are doing well :3

I'm sorry for the delayed response. I was really busy with some stuff in the actual world. I'll try my best to release the game as soon as possible :)

Oh I'll adjust that in the newer version if I have the time to fix the game! Thanks for trying the demo :)

Thanks for taking my reccomendation into consideration^^.

Take your time releasing the game, the most important thing is that you are well (because real world stuff can both suck and be awesome).

Hope you are doing well :3

Sure! Hope you're doing well as well :'D


aabangan ko to^^

Thank you!! :'D

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Cool artwork. When can we expect the full release? ^^

Hello, yohanlove. This game is expected to be released on February 14 :)
Thank you very much and keep in touch! ^^

waiting huehue :3

I'll do my best OvO)d