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Hello, guys. Thanks for dropping by~!

This is just a short tutorial for Renpy. It's nothing much since I'm no pro but at least I can show you what I know.
I hope this guide can help you in some way. I know how hard it is, when I was new, to look for codes so I'm gonna give out for everyone so you can have a guidebook!


This tutorial is made by me, except the fonts, the music, since they are creations of Kevin Mcleod ( https://incompetech.com), and the sample CG's, since they are made by BCS.

I don't mind if you don't ask permission in using the codes for this game since they are in the forums and in the cookbook, but I do hope you attribute me if you are going to use any of the graphics I made here (like the mouse pointer, the ctc icon, text box, etc), and/or just don't claim it as your own. I know they are not very good but as artists, it is really important to us. They are free to use under CC-BY-NC. Thank you very much!

I hope we agree on these stuff mentioned above so let's move!


1. Engine: RENPY

This is a powerful engine used by a lot of visual novel makers these days. You can download it for free in their site: https://www.renpy.org/latest.html

There are a lot of engines you can use to create your own VN but I use renpy primarily with my games.

2. Download this tutorial I made (scroll down below)

Please do not redistribute! I made this for FREE. Please link them to my page instead. Thankies much for understanding.

3. Open the files using Renpy.

You will be greeted by Z, my humble OC as you play the tutorial.
While you are playing, open the codes. I have a detailed guide on the codes for you to read so you won't get lost.
If you find it confusing, feel free to come back in this guide to complain-- to as about it.

4. What you may need?

I recommend having Adobe Photoshop in your desktop. I don't know if there are other programs you can use to determine the dimensions but Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 is the one I currently use.
This is seriously recommended for those who wants to create their customized GUI, if not you can just borrow from free resources.

What can you expect here?

All the RPY (codes) files and PSD (photoshop) Files are included in the download link. You can view everything, re-edit and re-use it for your self-study.

1. Main Menu

The main menu I made is an animate/moving one (Not very obvious here tho). It is for those who are wondering how to make something like this. The images used in the main menu (ground) are declared in the script.rpy.

2. Preferences/Settings/Options

The PSD file for this is the same as the Load/Save Menu since they almost have the same layout.

3. Load/Save

There are 2 by 2 (width 339, height 224) boxes and 2 pages for this tutorial. You may add more.

4. Yes/No Prompt

5. Quick Menu

Located at the right side in this tutorial.

6. Extras

The codes for the extras can be seen in the GUI.RPY so you can open it immediately using Renpy.

7. CG Gallery

The PSD file for this is the same with the Music Gallery (Gallery.psd).

8. Music Room

9. SampleMusic Video/Splash Screen

The movie here is in WEBM format. It won't work otherwise.
I also added a voiced splash screen in the beginning.

10. Icons

You can create your own icons and convert them in convertico.com. Leave them in the same destination as the "game" folder. It will automatically change your game's icon when creating a distribution.

Short tackle about Imagemapping/Hotspots/Dimensions

1. Open the PSD file.

2. Right-click CROP, then select SLICE TOOL.

3. Pick the area of the button.

4. Right-click the sliced area and choose EDIT SLICE OPTIONS.

5. Add the dimensions in your RPY file.


I guess that's it.

This guide is so simple and it's not made by a pro so bear with me.

Thank you so much again for visiting and Good luck with your VN-making!


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Hey, is it possible for you to make a custom hover image map tutorial?

like this but not squares like what the other tutorials do?

This really helped, Thank you so much!

It helped me a lot.Thx! 

Looking at the codes helped. Thank you. :)

You're welcome!

Thanks for sharing :) This will come handy in my new project ;)

You're welcome. Good luck to your projects :)